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Filming in South Sudan (Duk Payuel)

Title:  Mosquito Bite  (A Work in Progress)

Role: Director, Cinematographer, Soundman, Editor

Details:  A young girl with cerebral malaria lies convulsing in 110 degree heat, the medicine she needs is unavailable and she is one hour away from death. Delirious, she dreams of running, laughing, and playing with her friends and siblings, but all around her a desperately intense battle is underway to save her existence. Mosquito bites kill one African child every minute.

Cinematography & Editing by Sean:

Sudan: Saving a child from malaria

Haiti:  Snapshots of renewal amid ruins

Rwanda:  An odyssey to rebuild clinics

Texas:  A cutthroat BBQ competition.

Vermont:  Repairing one ancient clock

Boston:  Students living in the big city

WaterBox:  Purifying filthy water

Produced by Sean:

Music Video: 10,000,000 YouTube Hits

Short Film: 450,000 YouTube Hits

Short Film: “Best Producer” NYU Fest

Short Film: “Best Short” Telluride I.F.

Music Video: In A Girl’s Body (Japan)

Music Video: La Patience (Rwanda)

Commercials: Harpoon Beer & Lexus

Sound by Sean:

Wicked Tuna: Seasons 2 & 3 Promos

Wounded Warrior Project: Promo

CASE IH: Farm Equipment Commercials

South Africa: Tuberculosis Series

India: Tuberculosis Series

London: Tuberculosis Series

US Air Force: National Campaign

Feature Doc: Polka is Happiness

Feature Film: The Hungry Bull

Feature Film: No Room For Groceries

Short Film: The Singularity

Wall Street: Firm Promo

Positive Tracks: Charitable Athletics

McDonalds: Road Trip Live

Google: Africa Hangouts

Clarks Shoes: The Art of Footwear

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“Exquisite work. It's non-stop, not a wasted shot, it starts, sucks you in, takes you for a ride, then it's over. Sean doesn't waste people's time, he hits hard, keeps hitting, and then gets out. He’s half a doc maker and half a great story teller.”                        – Ryan Clauson (Brother)