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Ruins of the Port-au-Prince Cathedral

Title:  Haiti  (5 min)

Role:  Cinematographer, Soundman, Editor

Details: Assembled from raw footage shot during production of the feature documentary ‘Giants in the Dirt’, directed by Lior Etziony & Michal Hanuka. Shot with a Sony EX3, audio captured using an onboard Schoeps MK41. Olence Calixte is a blind musician who lives near the ruins. Stacy is a photographer, mother, and humanitarian who works for an international disaster response organization.

Cinematography & Editing by Sean:

Sudan: Saving a child from malaria

Haiti:  Snapshots of renewal amid ruins

Rwanda:  An odyssey to rebuild clinics

Texas:  A cutthroat BBQ competition.

Vermont:  Repairing one ancient clock

Boston:  Students living in the big city

WaterBox:  Purifying filthy water

Produced by Sean:

Music Video: 10,000,000 YouTube Hits

Short Film: 450,000 YouTube Hits

Short Film: “Best Producer” NYU Fest

Short Film: “Best Short” Telluride I.F.

Music Video: In A Girl’s Body (Japan)

Music Video: La Patience (Rwanda)

Commercials: Harpoon Beer & Lexus

Sound by Sean:

Wicked Tuna: Seasons 2 & 3 Promos

Wounded Warrior Project: Promo

CASE IH: Farm Equipment Commercials

South Africa: Tuberculosis Series

India: Tuberculosis Series

London: Tuberculosis Series

US Air Force: National Campaign

Feature Doc: Polka is Happiness

Feature Film: The Hungry Bull

Feature Film: No Room For Groceries

Short Film: The Singularity

Wall Street: Firm Promo

Positive Tracks: Charitable Athletics

McDonalds: Road Trip Live

Google: Africa Hangouts

Clarks Shoes: The Art of Footwear

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“We quickly learned we could trust Sean with anything, professionally and personally, from suggesting a different approach when shooting to when we should call it a day. And no matter how tired, worried, and stressed we got ­ we knew he was going to make us laugh.”  - The Directors