Sean Clauson

Extraordinary Filmmaking

Filmmaking services, from conception to completion and everything in between.


Sean was assaulted by gangs in Haiti, slept on the snow in Vermont, went days without sleeping in Boston - and never stopped filming for a second.

- Michal Hanuka, Documentary Director


He crafted a visual story that was like hitting a bullseye. Masterful at his craft, his temperament can't be beat, a joy to work with.

- Heidi Luquer, Disaster Relief, Seldon Technologies


The most important thing you need to know about Sean is this: he'll work relentlessly and treat your project as if it’s his own. What else can you ask for?

- Lior Etziony, Documentary Director


In Rwanda, Sean always got shots of moments of drama and tension without anyone being aware of his presence. He gently cajoled people into sitting for interviews and elicited real and meaningful moments from individuals who typically shared very little about themselves.

    - Flora Lansburgh, Rwanda Volunteer


Conditions were stressful: Unfamiliar culture, language barrier, very ill patients, minimal resources, primitive conditions. Having never worked with a camera pointed at me, I had concerns. Those fears quickly evaporated as Sean simply faded into the background, basically removed himself from our consciousness. He was terrific when it came to empathy for patients, respecting their privacy and personhood under difficult conditions.

- Dr. Peter Mogielnicki, Retired Physician & Professor

of Medicine Emeritus / Rwanda Volunteer

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